Herbal teas are their natural action and aphrodisiac!

Herbal teas

Herbal teas

Herbal Teas: A Natural Aphrodisiac with Explosive Effect ?!

Before the development of the pharmaceutical industry, many have used natural fruits to stimulate love desires.

Nature has offered us his "Viagra"- free.

ARTS - Herbal teas

Vitamin C and the bitter substance cinaropirkin found in artichokes activate the pubic glands in men and women, so they produce more polar hormones.

Many men and women, who for health reasons in order to reduce cholesterol values, take high-dose dried pharmaceutical extracts from artichoke leaflets, have noticed that these substances they increase their sexual desire.

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The Old Mexican People The Achesci were so convinced of the aphrodisiac ability of avocados as the sexual stimulus that young women were kept in the house as long as the fruits were burnt.

Avocado is rich in magnesium (for energy), unsaturated fat (for the heart) and vitamin E.

To enhance the aphrodisiac avocado quality, prepare this simple Mexican avocado sauce:

Spicy sauce of guacamole:

Mix the avocado with a lemon juice jug, then add the chopped garlic spoon.

Serve with chopsticks of freshly carved carrots and celery, vegetables that ancient Romans also regarded as aphrodisiacs.


Badmies have long been associated with fertility. It is assumed that their scent excites women and is often used on weddings.

Badem contains nutrients that are believed to be necessary to improve sexual life.

For example, 28 grams of almonds give 35 a percentage of the recommended daily dose (RDA) of vitamin E, which affects the degree of fertility and function of the organs.

They also contain a high level of magnesium, phosphorus and zinc minerals, of which zinc stimulates libido in men.

If used regularly, it increases the strength of men.

Prestige folk recipe:

First rinse each almond seed in honey or pear cheesecloth.

BOSILY - Herbal teas

National Medicine recommends the enjoyment of basil tea as a means of stimulating sexual instinct.

Basil acts as an aphrodisiac, stimulating sexual power.

For tea, for the aforementioned purposes, the basil can be (fresh or dried) taken as a spice or food additive: salads, meat and fish.

The more basil, the human sexual power will be greater, say people.

CELER - Herbal teas

For better potency in men, celery was used in ancient Rome.

The Romans have celestial devotion to their godliness of Pluto.

The action is attributed to the essential oils contained therein, and above all the androsterone, the male sex hormone that stimulates the sex drive in women.

Because of this, celery is used in large quantities in some countries in salads.


Zinc and molybdenum are in large quantities contained in the white harbor, which in the Middle Ages was also called the "arch of love".

The main substance, alicin, increases blood flow to the organs.

The problem for many is an unpleasant smell of white fish, so it is desirable that these natural resources be used simultaneously by both partners.

PROPOSAL: Leave the comb of white fish to go into the honey and then leave it well.

White-based preparations can be purchased in pharmacies but the effect can only be expressed after long-term use.

KADULJA - Herbal teas

More plowshares from the ship's kitchen were chewing and chewing the leaves sage (sage) before entering the port and thus increasing sexual potential.


A loving drink that contains Kakao guaranteed does not cause any unwanted consequences. It is completely harmless and pleasant.

PROPOSAL: sprinkle the coconut coconut in a pan, then smear it and mix it with a fist of corn flour and 100 ml of hot water.

Short boil, add to the top of the blade chilli pepper powder, cinnamon spoon, three pear beads, a little vanilla and honey as desired.


And smells can activate love, like the smell of rose petals, oil lavender or rosemary.

PROPOSAL: Put it 30 drops into a piece of damp wax so leave it on the plate in the room where you are with your partner.


For a more enjoyable intimate experience, some fruit will be of great use, for example nar which contains large amounts of herbal hormones, especially estragons, so it has a beneficial effect on increasing the love of women in women.

PERŠIN - Herbal teas

Two years ago, in Scottish men's clubs, he served as a secret weapon to strengthen the pontoon.

Men three hours before the planned act of love chewed three jar of raw shredded parsley leaves.

SJEME KOPRIVE - Herbal teas

At the crossroads of the past and the past century, the Hungarians have discovered a new means of strengthening the pontoon. And it is quite accidentally discovered.

Hungarian traders fed old horses with a mixture of honey and nettle seed to make the animals look more powerful and lively.

It turned out, however, that the horses were soon transformed into real breeding pests.

The doctors then spent various tests with timid men and achieved sensational results.

The carcasses of matter and saponides contained in the coffin have made a miracle about the potency.


This spring vegetable has a positive effect on male potency. Sometimes it was called "sounding sticks".

The secret asparagus is rich in zinc and molybdenum. (Oligoelement participating in the metabolism of the organism, especially in the detoxification and cleansing mechanisms of the organism).

And there is also an asparagic acid that boosts their activity on sexual potency.


In higher doses it is also positive affects potency.

Success can be achieved by regularly taking wheat germs in salads or musli, at least two bucks per day.


A priest and herbalist, Sebastian Kneipp, advised men who had problems with the potency to drink green oat.

In response to the viagra, American scientist Dr. Mellssa Harolan from Texas came up with the idea of ​​making a extract from the mix of seedlings and green oats in a certain relationship.

The active substances of both of these products have been well supplemented.

Multiple weekly treatment with this extract has given many men a sense of self-confidence.

The extract is now produced in capsules and sold in apothecaries all over the world.


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