Colors Discover the power of color in your body!


Colors and energy!

Colors and many chemical reactions in the body.


What to do when you're unhappy or when you feel a fall energy?

It is subjected to a therapy that works with color and light, which have a positive effect on our body and soul.

Colors are not only visible visually but we absorb them through the skin, muscles and other parts of the body.

Prodding through our skin affects many chemical reactions in the body.

In this way color therapy stimulates the processes only cured, and is also excellent for the prevention of the disease.

Also, light and color will help you to charge the batteries.

Thanks to the polarized light, you can re-establish the balance of body energy.

7 Color - 7 Čakri

The light comes from the sun in the form of waves, whose different frequencies correspond to the 7 longevity frequencies.

The color therapy is based on the assumption that all organs, when they are healthy, have a characteristic frequency of vibration.

Every disease is in fact a natural reaction of the body to stress, which leads to a change in the energy frequency.

The frequency of each color of the light spectrum corresponds to the frequency of one of the 7 energy centers in the body, the so-called chakras, and the frequency of the organs (the muscles and the bones) that are in the same zone as the chakra.

Crvena triggers the processes that have been dormant and strengthens the strength of our senses.

It activates and gives vitality, dynamism, strengthens and releases the energy hidden deep in our body.

blue it calms, inhibits, increases concentration and builds energy.

Regulates hyperactivity and inflammation processes, as well as processes that disturb the body's natural balance.


Brings Peace and Breathing of Mind!

yellow strengthens, increases tonus, brings a better mood stimulates. (but does not excite)

It boosts energy and weakened processes, relieves and boosts the nerves.

Green contributes to harmony, relaxes, calms, maintains the dynamic balance of psychophysical energy.

It relieves intense and painful processes, brings peace and serenity.

orange it returns energy, revives, warms, stimulates, works milder than red.

Gradually builds energy, releases processes in the body, contributes to good mood.

violet inspires, alleviates and transforms energy at a higher level.

It stimulates mental activity, relaxes, relieves nerve tension and pain.

indigo cleanses the blood, cools, stings and stops bleeding, helps in the event of all the diseases of the nervous system.

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