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Heart disease and medicines that lower cholesterol.

Heart Disease - A Known Surgery Reveals the Truth About Heart Disease: Everything is a lie, here's what to do to preserve our health.

Dr. Dua Landel was very boring when he said he did not have to treat heart disease with statins.

He is an experienced cardio surgeon who retired at the Arizona hospital. Dr. Landel recently published the following statement.

"We, doctors, with our education and authority, often develop a powerful ego that makes it difficult for us to confess that we are not right. However, I admit I was not right.

As a cardio surgeon with twenty-five years of experience and more than 5.000 open heart surgery, I feel I have to correct the matter and correct one scientific fact.

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For a long time I worked with prominent doctors, where we were often divided opinions.

We constantly read the new scientific literature, went to educational seminars and came to the conclusion that heart disease caused by elevated cholesterol levels in the blood.

The only therapy for such diseases is one that lowers cholesterol with a diet and which limits fat intake. All that was said against this therapy was considered a stupid and disagreeable treatment.

Now I must say that such therapy has no scientific or moral basis.

It is not necessary to say that Landel's statement caused haos in healthcare. His statement was inappropriate justification for taking statins to lower cholesterol levels.

The reason why his statement has caused so much annoyance is that the statins bring a fair amount of profit. Only in the United States about 25% of population takes statins, sometimes it costs between 53 and 600 dollars per month.

From now on we know that cholesterol does not cause heart disease, and worry about saturated fat is completely insignificant. Cholesterol theory has triggered nutritional recommendations that are destroying us today and causing havoc.

Drugs have made a great deal of annoyance when it comes to helping people.

It was suggested to avoid saturated fats and instead to consume foods rich in omega-6 fat. Dr. Landel explains that food processed with omega-6 and omega-3 fat disturbs the fat balance in the body. And that this food gradually saves all people.

There is an epidemic of the inflammatory artery that leads to heart disease and other chronic illnesses.

The most controversial in his statements is a claim that cholesterol does not cause heart disease, which is why statins are completely redundant.

Saturated fats are mostly found in meat, eggs and cheese.

What you can do is choose natural food and snacks to avoid food that causes inflammation such as processed food.

Probably not surprising what the medical community believes Landel is crazy? He was not crazy while doing heart surgery, and now they call him crazy, though he has 25 years of practice. Does it have any impact on what 2007 has released? in the book "Heart Disease"?

Millions of dollars earned from heart disease and statin. Of course, the pharmaceutical industry does not respond to the appearance of a clever physician who will ruin their job.

Every year more people are suffering from heart disease.


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