The Brad's has put on a white bow and here's what happened!


Brad's Cure for removing dead nipples!

Brad's wrists - This is an interesting case, published on social networks by a woman who had an aesthetic problem.

We will not talk about a miracle drink which can change your appearancebut we will show you an effective remedy for removal of dead warts. We all know how the nipples can be uncomfortable, no matter where they are.

Imagine your nipple is on your nose?

Fortunately, there is a natural solution to this type of problem. What are the nipples? Bradavica are caused by humanoid papilloma virus or HPV.

Bradavica usually appears on the hands and feet, but it may also appear on the face, or as in this case, to have a nipple on the nose.

Brad's wrists can disappear at some point, but sometimes they do not disappear.

According to this woman's testimony, she had a nipple that looked like a cauliflower. She was desperate for this and wanted to save at all costs.

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When she met her old friend, she told her about her problem, her friend told her she did not care and there was a solution. There is an old domestic remedy to remove the nipple.

Her friend told her that this natural remedy had been used by her grandmother for years, and she had incredible results.

After the conversation, two friends went to the local store and bought a lot of white harbor.

After that they went home from the store, and her friend when she came home cleansed one of the whitewashed harbors and washes it.

Then he put a little white port on a small piece of cotton and put it on the nipple on the nose. She tagged it with a small bandage.

Before she left, she told her friend to change the piece of cotton twice a day.

Bradavica began to disappear after 5 days, much faster than aesthetic surgery, from which it would take at least 2 weeks to recover.

She is still afraid that the nipple might emerge again, and she has been checking the site every day for nearly three months. But there is no sign of the appearance of a new nipple.

The virus is not a rare occurrence. But with healthy eating, which strengthens the immune system, your body may have control over it.

The white bow is healthy, a natural, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial ingredient that helps the body to fight with many diseases.


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