The colon cleanses toxins, you feel much better!


Tummy Hose - When you get rid of toxins, you feel much better!

The colon plays a very important role in the human body.

It maintains the balance of water in the body, regulate the immune system and helps code digestion process.

The colon is essential for the health of the body. If the colon does not work properly, the toxins are not removed from the body but absorbed in it.

It takes at least 24 hours for food to pass through the body and all digestive processes. Foods with low nutritional value, and with little vitamins and enzymes, slowing down this process to 70 hours.

As a result, the organism becomes accumulated (accumulated) by waste. Prison is the most common sign that there is a lot of waste in the body.

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Symptoms of accumulation of toxins in the colon:

The immune system (Skin rashes, problems with the urinary tract, vaginal infections, weak immune system.)

Mood swings (Bad memory, mood swings, nervousness, fatigue, depression)

Pain in the muscles and joints

Symptoms of digestive tract (Pain in the stomach, bad sorrow, gases, diarrhea, consternation, constipation)

Fortunately, there is a cleansing program developed by Stenli Burouz for 1940's. With this program the body can be completely cleansed in 10-16 days.

necessary ingredients:

3 dl of filtered water

1 / 10 Packs of Powdered Peppers

2 scoops of organic maple syrup

juice of half a lemon


The preparation of this powerful drug is very simple. You just need to mix all the ingredients, and here you take 5-8 times a day within a minimum of 10 days.

In addition to this method, it is good to use essential oils to supplement body cleansing as supplements.

Here's how to prepare a nutritious drink with essential oil:


10 drops of ethereal mint oil

Many lemons


Mix the ingredients in 2,5 dl water and bring it into the body within two weeks. When you get rid of toxins, you feel much better, and your body will be so new.


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