Forever Lean is unique because it absorbs fat!

Forever Lean works to slow the absorption of sugar in the small intestine!

Forever Lean brings us two revolutionary ingredients that help reduce body fat absorption by fat and carbohydrates.

The first of these ingredients is unique because it absorbs fat, and is obtained from the fiber of the cactus plant.

Opuntia ficus indica, otherwise known as Indian figs, Mexican cactus or opus.

In Indian 100 figs 53 kcal, 8% water, 0,80 g protein, 0,10 g fat, Vitamin B 0,03 mg, Vitamin C 17 mg, Vitamin A 10 mg, 30 mg calcium and iron 0,40 mg.

Forever LeanIn medicine it is used to place dried flowers in a tea that serves for cleansing, kidney stones and liver function.

Research has shown that this unique fiber product has a very high ability to bind fat, compared to other types of plants.

Another unique ingredient in Forevert Lean is proein, specially derived from the seedlings of Phaseolus vulgaris, otherwise known as white beans.

This protein acts to slow the absorption of sugar in the small intestine, provisionally inhibiting the enzyme activity that converts sugar starch.

Together, these two revolutionary new ingredients can help you succeed in your quest to reach the ideal weight, helping to block the absorption of some fats and carbohydrates that weigh.

Eating habits are the most common and the biggest problem.

The energy we get from different nutrients is not the same.

Namely, there are 3 types of calories: the calories we get from carbohydrates, those from protein and fat calories.

forever leanEnergy 1 gram protein releases 4 kcal, 1 gram carbohydrates also 4 kcal, and 1 grams of fat releases 9 kcal.

If you reduce calorie intake per 3.500 per week, or 500 per day, you can blend about half a pound of fat per week.

Why is the breakup with the previous eating habits so difficult?

Food is, in this context, the key to our survival and safety.

Useful things for Forever Lean

• Blocks the absorption of calories from fat and carbohydrates.
• Chrome helps the body regulate blood sugar and normal metabolism.
• Temporarily inhibits the body's absorption of sugar calories.

Note: Drink immediately before meals up to 4 capsules per day

120 capsule
Recommendation for use

Drink one capsule with water or Aloe Vera Gelom just before or during snacks, at most
four capsules per day.

Consult a physician or dietician to help you determine the best diet regime that suits your needs and lifestyle.

To achieve the best results we recommend a natural solution, ie monthly therapy with Forever Lean i Aloe Vera Gel which is taken orally.

Order your monthly therapy and get a discount of 15% !!!

Forever Lean is not a medicine, but only serves as a strong nutrition supplement that raises immunity and triggers the body to fight infection itself and create a natural immune system.

(all products Forever Living Products-a are subject to strict US control standards where the EU is exclusively produced and imported, as well as 140 countries around the world that guarantee the truth of these ingredients and their ratios on the label)

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