Food Which Accelerates Metabolism Choice And Quantity !?


Food choice and quantity of food !?

Food Cooked Meals and Foodstuffs.

Along with thermally processed meat and cooked meals, it is also healthy to consume organic foods.


Like a salad of tomatoes, carrots, celery and beans best before meals.

Although for years our metabolism is slowing down, we can influence this phenomenon by taking care of it proper nutrition, sleeping, exercising and avoiding stressful shifts.

Metabolism is also influenced by the rhythm of food consumption and choice and quantity of foods.

Do we drink enough water and how much we are physically active?

Herbal teas

Many teas, such as green, affect mastication of body fat and regulate body weight.

Unknowingly i mild flower teas should be drunk not only when we are sick, but everyday, between meals.


Two water drops in the morning accelerate metabolism for 30 percent within 10 minutes, and the effect takes about an hour.

However, it is not advisable to take water during meals because of the dilution of stomach juices that reduce the amount of nutrition and therefore the absorption of nutrients is reduced.

Swelling is best improved if we drink water at least half an hour before meals.


Grass, liver, peas, boron and other legumes are a very healthy choice of foods for our metabolism.

They accelerate the burning of calories, lower cholesterol and protect against many diseases.

Integral cereals

Integral cereals such as eggs and ferns contain fibers and complex carbon hydrates that help accelerate metabolism.


As spice dishes are always delicious, they are also a good ally in accelerating metabolism.

For example, cinnamon and turmeric have the ability to slightly increase body temperature and thus accelerate fat burning.

Sirloin and citrus

Conserving walnuts is especially recommended after the introduction of refined carbohydrates because it prevents sudden growth of blood sugar.

Orange, lemon, tangerine and other citrus fruits help control your metabolism, so they are recommended to be fresh or soured.

Natural foods

Along with thermally processed meat and cooked meals, it is also healthy to consume organic foods.

Like different salads, which can be made from fresh spinach, carrots, celery, beans and apples.

It is good to have a fresh salad eaten before meals, and only afterwards it is a delicious food as well as the one that is harder to digest.

Poor food combinations

Although many people like to eat meat with potatoes, bread or rice, this is considered to be a bad combination of foods.


Because it is not recommended in the same meal to consume carbon hydrates and proteins of animal origin.

That is why skimmed foods (potatoes, rice, white bread) are exposed to fermentation.

Proteins of animal origin are retained in the stomach for a long time, all together leading to discomfort, such as difficult welding, flatulence, gases and heartburn.

Consuming candy, such as cakes, pies and chocolates after a busy meal dominated by meat, makes it more difficult to chew.

Also, drinking milk and dairy products during and after meals rich in animal origin proteins is not recommended.

Fruits such as nuts are best to eat independently, because they are so healthier.

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