Hair - 10 products that prevent hair loss!


Hair - This Healthy Food Can Prevent Hair Loss!

Hair - There are a large number of products on the market that promise to help increase the density of your hair, or to prevent it from falling or helping to re-grow hair.

Did you know that natural remedy for cut hair Can it be as simple as increasing a few healthy foods intake?

Hair - prakan and hair loss can be caused by a large number of factors.

One of the most common causes is the use of heavy synthetic hair products.

Such as colors, rectifiers or mini-wave, and even shampoos or balsaams.

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Spinach is rich in zinc, the lack of which is the main cause of hair loss.

Zinc contributes to maintaining a healthy level Testosterone. Like growth hormone levels and healthy muscles.

Black beans are a major source of zinc together with vitamin D.

Both of these nutrients, if not present in sufficient quantities, can contribute to hair loss.

Both are also related to the production of testosterone.

Badem is rich vitamin E, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

They play a role in the production of testosterone.

Asparagus is also rich in vitamin E and potassium as well as folic acid, which is necessary for production polar hormones.

Salmon is rich in selenium. These are the minerals that play a key role in the production of testosterone hormones and thyroid glands.

Tiroid imbalance is another major cause of hair loss.

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In men and women, hair loss can be caused by insufficient levels of estrogen.

This problem can be solved by consuming the following foods, all of which are rich in "phytoestrogens" .

These are natural plant compounds that mimic the effect of estrogen in the body.

Soya products are the most famous source of phytoestrogens.

For the best health, consume the natural (best fermented) strain in the form of tofu, tempeh, miso, nato or soy sauce.

Linen seed is also rich in phytoestrogens, as well omega-3 acidic acid.

Broccoli is a popular food that is also rich in phytoestrogens.

They are known as lignans, which are also found in potatoes, oaks, fruits and vegetables.

However, phytoestrogens are also associated with the effects of endocrine disorders in the body.

They can cause health problems if they are consumed in excessive quantities.

If you are concerned about levels of estrogen or testosterone, you should contact your doctor.

In addition to lignans, lebbits are also rich in isoflavonoids, another family of phytoestrogens.

They are also rich in fibers and proteins, which prevent excessive levels of estrogen levels.

This balancing can be a part of what prevents many phytoestrogens from having the harmful effects of synthetic estrogen imitation.

Those who are more likely to function as endocrine disruptors.

Wheat bran is another food rich in lignans and dietary fibers.

Besides being good for your heart and digestion, the fibers also help your hair.

That's because LDL (bad) cholesterol it can damage hair follicles over time, and nutrition rich The fiber helps to reduce LDL levels.

You can get the same effects for other types of bran, such as bran, raisins, or barley.

What if your problem is stress?

Chronic stress is very dangerous. It not only causes hair loss but also increases the risk of obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, decreased immunity, reduced bone density and muscle mass, and an imbalance in thyroid gland.

Get stress by removing chronic stress triggers.

By learning relaxation techniques, spending more time spent outside, and eating healthy foods.

For example as some of the above mentioned foods.


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