LUPUS - a rheumatic disease we still do not know enough!


LUPUS - a rheumatic disease we still do not know enough!

What symptoms should we not neglect?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that it causes inflammation of the joints, tendons and other connective tissue. 90% are younger women, and if you are interested in when to talk to a doctor and when there is a cause for concern, read it in the text.

Anemia, sensitivity to sun, dry mouth, disorder kidney function ... All these are symptoms of this autoimmune disease that we must not neglect.

Why does lupus occur exactly, it is not known. However, the fact is that it can be chronic and progressive. When it comes to inflammation of the joints, lupus patients will most often say that they always seem to have problems with pain in the joints.

Long-lasting inflammation of the joints can lead to permanent damage to the joints and surrounding tissues. However, unlike rheumatoid arthritis in lupus, it does not damage the bones.

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Which symptoms should we not neglect?

SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) is a disease in which many tissues and organs are affected. The onset of illness depends on the individual to the individual.

It can be posthumous, and will often be characterized by a sense of fatigue, maleness, weight loss, etc. However, the disease is not always the case:

"The disease may start abruptly, with high temperature, joint pain, muscle pain, facial skin changes in the form of butterfly redness, and if it occurs in younger women, it is necessary to perform diagnostic tests, "says Dr. Med. Davorka Rosić, Physiatrist - rheumatologist.

In addition, skin changes often occur: photosensitivity, sensitivity to the sun or, for example, mucosal damage. Hair loss can also be pronounced.

"If the above symptoms appear, none of them should be neglected and should be reported to the doctor immediately," Dr. Rosić advises.

As mentioned above, none of the aforementioned symptoms should be neglected if a more afflicted symptom occurs, their intensity will increase. When it comes to treatment, Dr. Rosić states:

"First, contact a family doctor who will refer the patient to an internist - rheumatologist who knows most about this type of autoimmune disease. Fortunately, there are already professional and excellent internist rheumatologists, but unfortunately, there are very few of them. They know best what should be done in such cases.

Can this type of disease be prevented?

This is a disease of unknown etiology. For this very reason, the issue of prevention becomes very difficult. However, there are certainly ways to improve the quality of life of people suffering from lupus:

"Healthy and neat life is the key: healthy nutrition, physical activity, good sleep, staying in nature, but not the sun.

Additionally, during the period of viral infections, it would be desirable to avoid enclosed spaces and mass gatherings. it is preferable to avoid stress, which is easy to say but it is very difficult to implement in part "


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