Meridians how to find out which body organ in your body is doing health problems?

Meridians and the Chinese biological clock that does not sin: Find out which body does you have health problems?

Except that our body is designed to contain the lymph system, the nervous system and many others, so is the energy system of the meridians.

These meridians are channels that, unlike blood vessels, affect the body and exchange the substance, using energy flowing in place of blood.

This Chinese biological clock can show us the intervals in which energy circulates through the body, and the highest level of energy in the body area every two hours. If there are problems in this area, symptoms are immediately visible.

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There is a total of 12 meridians.

Each individual belongs to a significant organ. These include lung, colon, belly, spleen, heart, small intestine, bladder, heart area, kidneys, twin-bowel ulcer, gall bladder and liver meridians.

According to Jin Jin, they are divided into six jing and six yang meridians. Jin meridians belong to bodies that collect, store, and handle matter and energy.

These include liver, lung, spleen, heart, kidneys, and heart area.

Yang meridians include organs that exchange and excrete matter and energy. These are the colon, stomach, small intestine, bladder, twin-bowel and gall bladder.

According to Chinese medicine, meridians work on 24 hours.

They are divided into two intervals of 12 hours. Each meridian reaches its peak when the opposite meridian is at a low energetic level.

The Chinese doctor first asks his patient at what time certain symptoms appear.

Therefore, it is easy to determine where the problem occurs. There are problems where energy circulates or where there is too much energy.

It is best to monitor the biological timer and record the time when the symptoms appear.

Pay attention to the time of day when you have the most energy, and when at night time.

This tells us that there is a problem in a certain part of the body.

Maximum time of function?

1: 00 - 3: 00 - liver (detoxification, muscles and eyes)

3: 00 - 5: 00 - lung (skin)

5: 00 - 7: 00 - colon (assimilation, elimination, skin)

7: 00 - 9: 00 - stomach (lymph, food sorption)

9: 00 - 11: 00 - spleen, pancreas (lymph nodes, food soreness)

11: 00 - 13: 00 - heart (arteries, blood circulation)

13: 00 - 15: 00 - thin hose (digestion, assimilation, artery)

15: 00 - 17: 00 - bladder (bones, teeth, elimination, cleansing)

17: 00 - 19: 00 - kidneys (bones, teeth, ears, filtration, elimination)

19: 00 - 21: 00 - cardiac layer (narrowing of blood vessels)

21: 00 - 23: 00 - Twelve-Layer Hose (Thermoregulation)

23.00 - 01: 00 - gallbladder (digestion, muscles, eyes)

Minimum function or vacation time?

01: 00 - 03: 00 - thin hose (digestion, arterial assimilation)

03: 00 - 05: 00 - bladder (bones, teeth, cleansing, elimination)

05: 00 - 07: 00 - kidney disease (bones, teeth, ears, filtration, elimination)

07: 00 - 09: 00 - Heart rate (narrowing of the blood vessels)

09: 00 - 11: 00 - Twelve-Layer Hose (Thermoregulation)

11: 00 - 13: 00 - gallbladder (digestion, muscles, eyes)

13: 00 - 15: 00 - liver (detoxification, muscles and eyes)

15: 00 - 17: 00 - lung (skin)

17: 00 - 19: 00 - colon (assimilation, elimination, skin)

19: 00 - 21: 00 - Stomach (lymph nodes, food and digestion)

21: 00 - 23: 00 - spleen, pancreas (lymph, digestion)

23: 00 - 01: 00 - heart (artery, blood circulation)

The Meridian achieves its highest level of energy exactly when the other is on the opposite side and has the lowest energy level.

Take the liver, for example.

Jertrin's highest energy level is between 1 and 3 in the morning. while the thin tube is then at the lowest level of energy.

When you eat late and go to bed, food does not absorb good in the small intestine. So you have to avoid certain activities when body energy is at the lowest level.

During the maximum activity all functions are improved. In case of illness, the surplus energy that burdens the system will show the symptoms, precisely at the time, to reduce this excess energy.

If the organ shows weakness during maximum energy, right then it needs to be strengthened. Apart from this hour, natural medicine has many other solutions that can help in lack of energy.

Like acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.


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