Minerals of magnesium

Minerals of magnesium

Minerals of magnesium and early signs that alert magnesium levels in your body are dangerously low!

Read this before it's too late!

We all know that minerals are extremely important to our overall health, and medical experts say that lack of vitamins and minerals can cause serious health problems.

Did you know that the human body contains about 57 grams of magnesium, most of which located in the teeth and bones, but a certain amount is in the heart and the brain, and even in the blood?

You should also know that each cell in the body neophodn magnesia to function properly.

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This incredible and healthy mineral is responsible for more than 300 metabolic functions in the human body.

According to the latest USDA statistics, nearly half of Americans lack enough magnesium minerals in the body.

Medical experts claim that the cause is a modern and unhealthy way of life that exerts physical and mental pressure on the body that uses magnesia faster in the body in stressful situations.

Daily magnesium intake should be from 500 to 1100 milligrams.

Medical experts warn that lack of magnesium can cause:

osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, insomnia, facial pain, cramps, anxiety, irritability, migraine, depression and heart disease.

You should also know that adequate magnesium intake improves the oxygen intake of the brain and thus helps patients with Alchajmer's disease, while in some studies it has been shown that Parkinson's disease has a low level of magnesium in the brain.

Lack of magnesium is also associated with some chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome or 2 type diabetes.

Minerals of magnesium for your body and mind.

If you want to increase your magnesium intake, consume foods that contain a lot of minerals such as whole grain cereals, fish, spinach, cherry, legumes, black chocolate, nuts, avocado and various kinds of seeds such as flaxseed, sunflower, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

It is also advisable to get it quality magnesium supplements containing magnesium cofactors: glycine, taurine, orotate and malate because they are easier to absorb than other forms.

What can they do for you?

magnesium glycinate for your mind:

They control irritability, anxiety, insomnia and hysteria

Reduces mental frustration and depression

It has a laxative effect

It can help with long-term deficits

It calms and relaxes the body

Magnesium orotate for the body:

Improves athletic abilities

Improves the function of the heart

Magnesium muscle weakness:

It helps in the treatment of fibromyalgia

It exacerbates muscle exhaustion

It facilitates premenstrual symptoms and headaches

Improves chewing (and it is necessary to consume it with meals)

Renews energy

Mineral magnesium taurine for the heart:

Improves the function of the heart

It prevents migraines

Reduces heart palpitations and arrhythmia

Consuming supplements is extremely good for the health of your heart, brain and muscle, and is especially recommended for maintaining heart health or being under severe stress and / or suffering from insomnia.

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