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Nails are a kind of window in our health can be a signal for different diseases.

Particular attention should be paid to them, especially if changes occur, such as peeling, breaking and losing natural shine.

The quality and strength of the nail can be improved if a sufficient amount of essential fatty acids are introduced into the body, protein and minerals that affect nail building.

Silicon, iron, sulfur, zinc, calcium, and vitamins, most important of which are B, C and D, help nails to be strong and healthy.

Thin, deep, dry and fragile nails can be affected by the ingestion of rich protein, zinc, iron.

Such as: blitva, carrots, berries, bananas, goat cheese, nuts and whole grains.

Bilitva is for example rich in biotin (vitamin H) which strengthens weak nails.

Chicken is rich in proteins that restore natural glow to the nails.

Sea fruits contain zinc, which is important for immunity and connective tissue.

The beans in their composition have an iron that is a good fighter against the fragility of the nail.

Creatine, fat and water.

Nails are built largely of the fibrous protein and creatine they have in our hair.

Although at a glance they may look fragile and fragile, healthy nails are not.

Because they consist of a 96 percent protein, and their structure is elastic and resistant to fractures.

The presence of fats and molecules of water between layers of keratin makes them flexible and shiny.

You can also supplement your diet with quality natural products from Aloe Vera.

Forever Living products are not drugs, but only serve as a strong nutrition supplement that raises immunity and triggers the body to fight against infections and create natural immunity.

(all products Forever Living Productsare subject to strict US control standards where they are exclusively produced and imported by the European Union, as well as 140 countries around the world that guarantee the truth of the ingredients mentioned and the ratio to the label)

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