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Diping the diapers learn to recognize the type and frequency of the stool and urination.

Most children before the third birthday become completely reliable in doing big and small emergency at an acceptable place.

In the first months of your baby's life, the operation of the waxing system will be aligned with other bodily functions.

napkin removal

If you only breastfeed your mother's milk, you probably will not suffer from any digestive problems.

The pediatrician will explain to you that it is perfectly normal to "fill the diapers" after each breastfeeding, as well as to leave the chair for a few days.

Neither, nor is there any reason for concern if it has a good appetite, is progressing in weight and is well-off.

Children who are fed with adapted dairy formulas usually have more abundant, darker colors and more intense smells.

If your infant has a prison problem, first make sure you prepare a meal according to the manufacturer's instructions?

You occasionally offer water, especially in the summer months.

napkin removal

The most significant change in the appearance of the chair was when you introduced mixed, unleavened food.

Follow the instructions of the pediatrician for the gradual introduction of various types of food adapted to the age.

The appearance of blood or mucus in the diaper should always warn you not to feed him.

Whether a child may be allergic to cow's milk, and the occurrence of unconscious food is a sign of slowing down.

An odd odor or color of urine can sprout from the type of food (fish, bush).

As far as the changes are concerned, elevated temperature should be considered as a possible urinary tract infection.

In any case, diapers should be changed regularly.

Soak the diaper area with mild soaps and creams, do not use moist wipes.


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