Natural sunbathing - Untill burnished without burns

natural sunbathing

Natural sunbathing

Natural sunscreen depending on skin type.

Though it has been tanned in trend for almost a century, since Koko Shanel has been introduced in fashion, it is important that skin-tone skin comes without disturbing the health.

natural sunbathing

There are several ways to do this, and only one is recommended to avoid it.

This is SOLARIUM, which was classified by the All Health Organization as the first carcinogen group.

In adherence to these, many countries have forbidden the use of a solarium less than 18 years.

Natural sunbathing

If we wake up and down in the morning until 9: 30h, and in the afternoon after 16: 30h, we reduce the risk of burns.

It is necessary to do before exposure to sunlight complete skin peeling.

Pilling removes the dead cells of the epithelium, which will provide even tingling.

To increase the amount beta carotene in the body, which helps melanin production.

Drink well before and after sunbathing natural roasted juice of fresh carrots and red fruits and vegetables.

Or carrots made of shredded carrots spiced with lemon juice, tomato soup, and the like.

Natural sunscreen depending on skin type?

¤ Whether it is a very high light (characteristic for low-income people)

¤ Lights (characteristic for blue and light-hearted persons)

¤ Lightweight (characteristic for people with chestnut hair)

¤ Or olives the so-called. Mediterranean type (characteristic for people with dark brown or black hair)

The length of sun exposure is also recommended:

First type up to 10 minutes, second type 15 to 20 minutes, third type maximum 30 minutes, and fourth to 40 minutes.

The sun is never coming out without applying cream, oils, lotions or protective agent spray.

The first skin type requires a protective factor of 50

another type of skin is a protection factor 30 - 40

The third skin type is a protective factor 20 - 30

The fourth type of skin can also be caused by the 20 protective factor

After sunbathing, it is advisable to dress up with sunscreen-creams, which are hydrated and help to keep the beautiful shaded color.

Airbrush snooping

Airbrush skincare or spraying techniques are achieved by uniformly planed, simple and fast in the cosmetic salon without sun exposure.

Sprays should contain non-toxic substances that are most commonly obtained from sugar cane.

natural sunbathing

The treatment lasts for ten minutes and the color remains on the body for ten days, depending on the care after the application.

Usually, in accordance with the natural tenon, it chooses between three types of colors. the bright skies of Hawaii, sculpted for darker skin, and the Brazilian that is intended for dark-skinned people.

This instant scratching is a good choice for refreshing the tenacious and sunny look when it comes to a celebration, but it's a shortage of what's happening for a short while.


Some cosmetic treatments such as peeling and others require sunburn maintenance for a certain amount of time.

It is important to follow the instructions given by your beautician and consult your pharmacist or pharmacist.

Aloe Sunscreen

Forever Aloe Sunscreen with protective factor 30, rejects UVA and UVB sun rays while at the same time this soft and easily dispersed lotion of pure stabilized Aloe Vere gel it helps to preserve the natural moisture of the skin.

This powerful, waterproof formula retains its protection factor and 40 minutes after contact with water and has double protection for both time and after sunbathing.

METHOD OF USE: Apply abundantly in all areas exposed to sunlight 15-30 minutes before exposure to sunlight.

natural sunbathing

Repeat the procedure when your skin is dry, or within 40 minutes after contact with water.

• High protection factor for better protection against the sun

• Strong, waterproof formula that retains its protection factor until 40 minutes after touching with water

• Moisturises the skin for long-lasting color preservation

• Safe and gentle enough for children

(all products Forever Living Products-a are subject to strict US control standards where the EU is exclusively produced and imported, as well as 140 countries around the world that guarantee the truth of these ingredients and their ratios on the label)

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Natural Sunbathing If we sunbath in the morning to 9: 30h, and in the afternoon after 16: 30h, we reduce the risk of burns.


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