Prostate Expression of Symptoms According to the weight of enlargement


Prostate manifestation of symptoms !?

Prostate is usually benign prostatic enlargement (BPH).

The condition is very common, to the extent that it is often mistaken to believe that this is a normal occurrence.


With age, the incidence of this disease increases as well, so that 50-90% of the age-old between 50 and 80 years has BPH.

The significance of this illness is that the enlarged prostate can press the urinary bladder to reduce the flow of urine and thus make it difficult for the urination.

Normal prostate weight is about 20 grams.

Depending on the weight, prostate enlargement is divided into:

-malo (to 30 g)
-cent (30-50 g)
large (50-150 g)
- large (over 150 g)

Symptoms of BPH

Symptomatic expression may be proportional to enlargement of the prostate, but it does not have to.

This means that sometimes a small enlarged prostate can make great pains, but a large enlargement of the prostate can cause minimal disturbances.

The most common symptoms are the following:

-blowing the urine fluid
- initiated urination
-Turning in the urination
-Exhaustion of bakeries
-burning urinals that are difficult or impossible to suppress
- a significant loss of urine
- urination (day and / or night)

Such a condition can also lead to further complications:

-infection of the urinary tract that is difficult to lick and often occur again
- sudden urinary bladder blockages with consequent inability to urinate
- The urinary tract
- bladder and kidney damage (stone formation, diverticulosis,
- intoxication, ie poisoning of the organism (uremia) due to impaired kidney function.

Not all symptoms have to be present.

Sometimes, although the disease has become progressive, there are no symptoms, and the first symptoms can only be when kidney damage occurs.

To avoid this, important regular prostate controls are essential.

How is the diagnosis set?

Diagnosis is based on:

-Detailed conversation with the patient
- ultrasound examination of the prostate
-digital prostate examination (DRE)
-laboratory analysis
- Various recording and procedures as needed

From the conversation urologist learns about the character and frequency of the patient's symptoms as well as the possible arrival of other illnesses.

Ultrasound examination of the uro-tract reveals the condition of kidney, bladder and prostate, ie its size, appearance and shape.

The Digital Vision Review (DRE) is a preview of the prostate fingertip of the doctor through the anal opening of the patient.

It is a very important and useful review that is completely painless.

What is the BPH link with prostate cancer?

For the time being, it has not been shown that benign enlargement of the prostate increases the risk or is otherwise associated with malignant prostate disease.

It should, however, be aware that both illnesses may exist simultaneously.


That is why the importance of regular controls is great.

How Does BPH Affect Sexual Function?

The presence of prostate disease may significantly affect the sexual function.

Experienced is the fact that a large percentage of men with enlarged prostate also have problems with potency.

In addition, certain methods of treating prostate diseases such as BPH and can lead to temporary or permanent impotence.

Will it occur during impotence treatment or does not largely depend on the treatment method and the phase of the disease.

This is to be discussed in detail with the urologist because the condition of each patient is different and the potential for conservation or loss of potency must be individually assessed.


When should BPH be treated?

The fact that the enlarged prostate does not have to mean that it is necessary and obligatory to treat.

In cases of poorly expressed symptoms it will be sufficient (but very important) regular prostate control.

Treatment is to be made in the case of stronger expressed symptoms or uro-tract disorders and the occurrence of complications (infection, stone, kidney or bladder damage, etc.)

The choice of treatment method BPH is a very delicate matter and depends on many factors.

The decision on the way of treatment is brought by two people - jointly.

This is a patient and urologist.

There are situations when the urologist can give the patient a choice between several variants of possible treatment.

However, there are also circumstances when a patient has to obey the urologist because otherwise significant complications and dangers will occur to the patient.

Of course, after detailed consultation, the ultimate decision is always on the patient.

There are three methods of treatment BPH:

-Other methods

BPH medication

There are three types of medicines or preparations used in prostate cancer:

Medications that affect androgenic hormones they may have different mechanisms of action: suppressing the effects of male sex hormones, reducing their production, suppressing the formation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in prostate cells, and the like.

These medicines should not be taken without consultation with the urologist.

They have to be taken for months to show the effect.

In addition, their effect is essentially temporary, ie they can not permanently resolve the problem of enlarged prostate.

Certain unwanted effects (impotence, gynecomastia, etc.) and complications may also be required, which is why urinary control is indispensable.

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