Oils in cosmetics are the most effective "BRUSHES" of wrinkles.


The oars stand out because they are perfectly nurturing!

Oils In the cosmetics industry natural ingredients for making face and body care products are increasingly used.

This, of course, is by no means a large number of these substances beneficial to the skin of the face and the body.

Natural oils are distinguished because they perfectly nourish dry and sensitive skin and are the most effective wrinkle "BRUSHES".

In addition, they are also incredibly useful for health!

There are oats concentrated extracts of plants in the most precious form.


Technologists say that the oils contain around 80% higher concentrations of plant matter, for example, powder.

Because of this, they deep penetrate the skin and act for 60% to 75% more potent than when applied as an integral plant.

Natural oils from moisturizing almond oil of essential oils, such as lavender, contain 100% natural antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal components.

The combined effect of these ingredients keeps the skin healthy and beautiful.

To clean the skin

Oil is one of the oldest and the smallest cleansing agents.

Also, oil is an ideal peeling agent sensitive and skin prone to acne, as it does not cause irritation as other preparations to remove the superficial layer of extinct cells.

All you have to do is apply a thin layer of oil to your entire face, including your lips and neck.

At the tips of your finger gently rub it into the skin, wait for one minute, then wipe it with a soft damp cloth.

For hydrating the skin

Apply oil to your face, neck and decollete, the same way you rub the moisturizing cream.

Be especially careful when it comes to it part around the eyes.

Put oil on the tip of your little finger and gently tap around the eye until the skin absorbs oil. (Do not ever rub)

For skin hydration

Rub a little oil between your palms, then rub it gently and rub it into the skin of your body.


Forever ™ Essential Oils Tri-Pak

Appropriately packs three samples for those who are just starting to use essential oils.

It contains essential oil samples of 5 mL with our three most popular and classic notes: paprika, lemon and lavender.

Forever ™ Essential Oils Lemon

Lemon enhances cleansing, immunity and health digestion.

Forever ™ Essential Oils Peppermint

When you discover the product you are comfortable with, you will usually continue to use it.

This is exactly the case with the papyrus tube of our supplier.

He has a reliable farm where he is growing and picking peach figs already around 100 years.

Its plants have a naturally high proportion of menthol as the main ingredient of pepper mint.

The soothing and chilling effect of paprika has been used for many purposes since the time of ancient Greece.

Forever ™ Essential Oils Lavender

Looking for the highest quality ingredients, and in the case of lavender it is Bulgaria, thanks to its ideal climate and soil.

Because of the excellent conditions for our breeding, ours lavender has a high proportion of linalil acetate - the main ingredient of lavender.

There are many uses of lavender, and they are especially powerful because of their soothing, suppressive and relaxing effects.

Forever ™ Essential Oils At Ease

We have gone the whole world in search of the purest essential oils and have professionally joined them into beneficial and effective compounds.

Essential Oils At Ease was collected from France, Russia, China, USA, Egypt and Spain.

Carefully made dressed in evergreen, lavender, eucalyptus, coriander, incense, rosemary, chamomile, paprika, basil and oregano.

Essential Oils At Ease Stimulates Harmony and Inner Peace!

Forever ™ Essential Oils Soothe

Moving from India, China, Madagascar and Egypt, this world-wide, balanced natural compound contains a wild mint, an evergreen, camphor, ylang ylang and camomile.

The ylang ylang plant is known for its soothing and relaxing properties.

With the addition of pure oils, this is a penetrating compound that helps you calm your soul.

Forever ™ Essential Oils Defense

Collected from India, Nepal, Somalia, USA, Madagascar and Hungary.

This defense compound contains clover buds, orange, cinnamon, rosemary, incense, eucalyptus and blueberry.

The clove has long been known to have many useful features, which makes it an excellent foundation for upgrading other oils.

This compound that strengthens immunity improves strength and vitality.

Forever ™ Essential Oil Oils Carrier Oil

Since most of our oils are highly concentrated, they must be used in combination with
Base Oil to relieve your benefits in a safe manner.

Base oil also helps to apply and rub oil on the skin, as well as skin care.

Thanks to the proprietary combination of antioxidants, natural oils, Aloe Vera, Vitamins E, A and C, this is the perfect way to enjoy Forever's ™ essential oils.

Forever ™ Essential Oils Bundle

Why choose only one when you can have it all?

The complete package includes all our three separate notes (15 mL): lemon, lavender and paprika, as well as our signature compounds (10 mL): Soothe, Defense and At Ease.

With beautifully packaged products, this is an easy way to try out the entire product line.

These six essential oils allow you to experience a full, rich experience that meets all your health and beauty needs.

The aforementioned products are not a medicine, but exclusively serve as a strong nutrition supplement that raises immunity and triggers the body to fight infection itself and create natural immunity.

(all products Forever Living Products-a are subject to strict US control standards where the EU is exclusively produced and imported, as well as 140 countries around the world that guarantee the truth of these ingredients and their ratios on the label)

For more information, please see below!

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